Yanqi Lake Boutique Hotel


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Address:Building 14, No.2 Courtyard West Yanqihu Road
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Located on Yanqi Island, Yanqi hotel has 110 guest rooms, 12 independent Yanqi lake boutique villas and independent docks. Yanqi hotel and 12 boutique villas are managed by kempinski hotel group.The hotel rooms are exquisite and unique, complete facilities, room space is large enough for children to play.There is an indoor swimming pool covering an area of 478 square meters, allowing those who like swimming to enjoy themselves. There are children's playgrounds played by children, but also their paradise.It were held APEC 2014,2015 "understanding China" conference,2016 G20 conference on science and technology innovation,G20 energy conference 2016,The first One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit BBS in 2017,2019 second One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit BBSFounded in 1897, it is headquartered in Geneva. Kempinski is Europe's old luxury hotel group. Kempinski has a long tradition of unparalleled personal service and exceptional hospitality, complemented by the exclusivity and uniqueness of its hotels. Today, kempinski hotels group has 75 high-star hotels in 33 countries, and continues to add new projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Each hotel inherits its heritage and continues the strength and success of the kempinski brand. Whether it's historic landmark projects, award-winning city living hotels, outstanding resorts, or prestigious hotel condominiums, each place allows guests to fully experience the local cultural traditions while meeting their expectations for quality. Kempinski is a founding member of the global hotel alliance, an independent hotel alliance.